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 Children Information

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PostSubject: Children Information   Sat Dec 15, 2012 8:39 pm

Yes, there are hyper, fun loving little kids around here, in case you didn't notice. They are allowed, but you need to follow these rules. Please try to check this, like once or three times a month.

Adopting A Child
To adopt a child you must first ask the child, then ask a town leader or Lily for permission. If you adopt a child that child is then your full responsibility to care for it.
-You don't have to have a husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend.
-You must feed and care and spend time with and for the kid(s)

Having Your Own kids
To have your own kids you must have a husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, and both of you must want kids. 
-You must both be fairly active.
-You may have from 1-3 kids and spots for them will be advertised on the pack site and any other place that knows of the site.
-You may pick the numbers of kids but YOU must find RPers to rp your children.
-The RPers may be new members or you may ask some of the other pack members if they would like to make a new character to rp your kids, or you can do it yourself...
-Kids will be born when all kid slots are filled.
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Children Information
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