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 Vampire Information

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PostSubject: Vampire Information    Thu Apr 23, 2015 8:52 pm

Full Blood Vamps
• They need to eat once every day at least
• The sun burns them (*NEED DAYWALKER RINGS*)
• Stronger and faster then the turned Vamps, although not as Strong as Half Vamps...
• Immortal (except for the exceptions)
• They can eat human food, though it won't nourish them
• They Don't have to sleep
• They heal faster then any of the Vamps

Half-Blood Vamps
• They need to eat around three times a week
• The sun CAN hurt them, just not as bad as any other type of Vamp
• Stronger and Faster then turned Vamps, but not as Fast then Full Vamps.
• IS NOT Immortal (Longest Lifespan is unknown)
• They can eat human food and get full from it, though it isn't as filling as blood
• They are outlawed by the Full Blooded Vamps
• There are very few of them
• Most of the higher up Vamps use the ones they catch as a special treat
• Some have reported to be literally split (At times acting and seeming human, others being a more like a Vamp)
• Their scents don't always smell like a vamps.
• They sleep sometimes, but only when they really have to
• They heal slower then other Vamps, but still faster then Humans

Turned Vamps
• They can't be out in the daylight unless they have Daywalker rings
• They need to feed at least one time a day
• They are the weakest of the Vamps, though they are still stronger and faster then humans
• They are indeed immortal
• They can't eat human food
• Most of the higher ups in the Vamp society use them as servants
• There are lots of them
• They never sleep
• They heal a lot faster then Half Vamps
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Vampire Information
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