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 Hello from an Ex-Member!

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PostSubject: Hello from an Ex-Member!   Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:29 am

Hey y'all, remember me? Well it's Lupin, and after I left this pack I had completely forgotten about it, and I was only recently when I was snooping the original TSP website when I found Stormy's advertizement for this pack. My memory re-jogged, and I went here... and I a quite impressed. I wasn't expecting for this pack to still be alive, quite honestly. I assumed it were dead, but no; I see posted that were made today and a few days ago, and the member count is great.

I do regret leaving this pack, but that does not mean I will rejoin. I had some great times on here, and Stormy, I must thank you -- you made me realize what really does make a large, active and friendly successful online pack. You can't just accept anyone... no; you must invite your close virtual friends to join, because friends are loyal and will do their best to stay active. If someone joins and they don't know you well and slump on activity, then they will eventually bring the entire pack down. I mean really, that's one thing this pack and the very first TSP had in common.

Friendship never dies, and your friends shall one day get your community to blossom into an online family.

Thank you once again Stormy.

Sincerely, your old friend Lupin/Rosa/Art
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Hello from an Ex-Member!
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